I’m on Mastodon!

Hey everyone. I’ve done a thing! I’ve joined the open source social media site Mastodon!

Of course, Mastodon is decentralized, so there are multiple instances running around the world for different interests. After a lot of research and some deliberation, I decided to join the so-called “main” instance of Mastodon, run by the creator. You can find me at this link (here. you can also have an invite link if you’re not already somewhere on the network), so follow me there and help me grow a bit. I’ll be posting a lot more there since my Twitter account is currently deactivated.

As for my writing challenge, I completely failed as per the original terms. That’s okay though, since I’m working with Jake to come up with ideas for things. I’ve also got quite a bit of non-Zul lore to work from with the story framework doc, so I can build things rather easily and write parts of the story out-of-order and later tie them together. I feel like I can complete a decent story this way, since sitting down and writing things out in chronological order hasn’t gone well for me. I’m off today and the next couple of days, so I hope to work a little and get some stuff put together in between all the other shit I have to do.

Anyway, thanks for reading guys. Have a good day!