Worldbuilding and Lorecrafting: Part Two

The story has begun!

As of this morning, I’ve begun writing the actual story. I’ve gotten about two pages written, but I will take that small bit of progress as a victory. I’ve not finished the framework document just yet, but most of that isn’t terribly important for the core story. I also figure I can write both out more bit by bit, crafting each from the other.

To be honest, I’ve been stuck for awhile on things. I’ve found it hard to stay motivated due to some personal events that have made it hard to concentrate. That’s part of why the framework isn’t quite done. Between the bullshit that went on behind the scenes and working an extra day every week to catch things up at work (and make some extra $$$), I’ve also not had much time or energy.

Now I’ve made some progress and it feels nice. Most of what’s being covered is basic universe building; Stuff like gods being created, planetoids, stars, etc. By my estimates, I have several more pages to flesh out everything before I get to the history of where the main story takes place, and a couple of dozen pages for that history. From there, the story will shift focus and start to tell Zul’s story.

I’m excited! Thanks for coming on this little journey with me.