Worldbuilding and Lorecrafting: Part One

Hey guys!

I’ve made some good progress on the challenge. The first step I chose to take is to come up with names of places, gods, goddesses, continents, countries, holds, cities, and so on and so forth. That means Zul’s universe, known as Kechoriel, will have its own pantheon, topology, and locations, all original! Overall, this step is probably about 50% complete (coming up with names is hard!), but most of what I need to start writing is pretty much there. Before I start writing though, I want to make sure I get a little bit of a background and description of each major location, whether you see it in the story or not. I’d like to eventually use what I’ve written as a framework for a tabletop game, possibly using 5th Ed rules with some minor mechanics changes (such as poisons dealing DoT upon failing a save). We’ll see what happens. This is a huge project!

My next step will be to flesh the gods and goddesses out themselves, though admittedly this is not a super important task and will probably be done in parallel with the writing of the story itself, since that’s where a majority of the lore will be in. Since the worldbuilding is nearly completed, I plan on moving onto lorecrafting here in a day or two. I plan on having a number of “books”, which will be novellas. Each one will cover different epochs of history before we are introduced to Zul’s life. Book One will detail the Conception, the creation of the world by The Dancers, the event where the Omnigoddess and the Omingod created Kechkoriel, as well as the events that lead up to the creation of the races. Book Two will cover the creation of the various races, and the conflicts they dealt with. Book Three is where Zul’s life begins, and will focus on the events of his life.

These plans are not set in stone, and I’m considering combining the first two books into one, depending on how long they actually end up being. Also, whether or not these will be “books” and not just long-form stories is still unknown to me at this time. Those are all longer term goals/plans, so for the moment I just want to focus on the small steps. Now that I’m done typing this little update up, I’m going back to continue worldbuilding.

Bye everyone!