The Writing Challenge Part 2

Hey all!

Today is March 31st, the end of my birth month. After I go to bed today, I will no longer be replying to messages. I decided to post this today rather than tomorrow since tomorrow is April 1st and there’s gonna be a lot of stupid fucking jokes going around, and I didn’t want this to be taken as a joke post. I am completely serious in that during the month of April, I will be unavailable on most communications platforms.

I said in the last tweet I made that I’d have my DMs open, and they will be, but you will most likely not get a reply, so don’t get your hopes up. I really, really want to focus on three things this month: money, working out, and writing. Since there are a great many distractions I have without people messaging me, I want to cut what I can. I’m very sorry to those this affects, but I hope you can understand.

So as of 1:00pm Eastern time (10:00am Pacific), I will no longer be checking messages on Discord, Twitter, LINE, Snapchat (though I may still occasionally post a dumb picture there), or anywhere else (though I may loosely reply on Telegram). It’s a change I feel is necessary to force me to write, and that’s something I really do wanna do.

Love your faces*. 😘


*Actually, just one of your faces. They know who they are.