The Writing Challenge!

Hey all!

So I’ve decided to take another hiatus from the internet. This one, however, isn’t to deal with any emotional turmoil. Instead, I want to see if I can force myself to write a story (or two… or three). Creative writing is an outlet I used to absolutely love, so I’m gonna take another crack at it. Eliminating distractions is the name of the game this time around, so I’ll be removing all social media and chat apps from my phone and computers. That includes Twitter and Discord*. I’ll be signing out of all of them, and I won’t be playing any games online, meaning Steam, Origin, and will also be removed or set to offline.

Now some of you reading this may be thinking how you’re supposed to reach me if you wanna chat, or just have a need to reach me. Telegram isn’t being removed, as I still need it for the D&D group chat. Signal/text message, if you have that information, is also an option. These two options remain the absolute best ways to contact me. The next best way is my personal email, particularly the one at Proton Mail, so if you have that, feel free to use it. I’ll also will still be online on Discord for a few hours every Sunday morning (barring any unforeseen circumstances) for the weekly D&D game. Otherwise, use the normal means and I’ll get back to you eventually.

To summarize… For the next 35 days, I’ll isolate myself and try my hand at doing some writing. I plan on most of it being worldbuilding for Zul, a character some of you may be familiar with. If not, it’s pretty simple. He’s a former Twitter role play character based my original Skyrim playthrough on the Xbox 360 back when it first came out. The goal of this challenge is two-fold: adapt Zul into a fully original character and to flesh out a universe for him to exist in solely with all the proprietary Bethesda blobs removed. I’ve made attempts to do so in the past, but they always fell apart due to me being overwhelmed by all of the ideas I’ve had.

I’ve gotten tired of that, so with a small bit of encouragement from my close friend Emily, I’ve decided to pursue this, and see if I can make it happen. I’ll post regular updates here, so keep an eye out. With that, I’m off.

Wish me luck everyone.

Much love.


*Not using Discord is not set in stone and may be subject to change.