Holy shit! It’s been too long!

So yeah, I’ve been rather negligent here lately. Sorry about that!

I’ve ¬†been pouring all of myself into the podcast that I’ve completely forgotten about this site. But that’s just another side effect of trying to get something going. As for the podcast, it’s going well. We’re about to be up to six episodes under the new name and that’s pretty awesome. You guys should head on over to The Ungodly Geeks website and give ’em a listen. Some of them aren’t half bad so far.

As for other things, I’ve been both watching and playing too much DOOM as of late. Between watching Mr. Icarus play various games (Twitch, YouTube) and showing off DOOM mods to playing DOOM mods of my own, I’ve not done a whole lot else that isn’t sleep, work, or podcast-related. Because of that, I’ve not had any time to devote to other things, but I’m working on moving things along.

Anyway, that’s about all I have right now.

Take it easy folks. Thanks for reading.