The podcast is a thing!

Sup guys?

We just released our third podcast episode, though we started the numbering over since we had to change the name. Going forward, “Three Men and a Baby” will be “The Ungodly Geeks Podcast”. We’re feeling pretty good about the name (or at least I am), and it’s honestly the name we should have went with to start. Hey, we all make mistakes, and this one was mine, but I’m not going to go any further into this since I already discussed it on the Ungodly Geeks site.

In more personal news, I’m going to be doing a few reviews soon of some things I own that you might be interested in. I consider myself a noob audiophile, but I still have my tastes, and I want to do a review of both the Triple Driver IEMs and the newly released Quad Driver IEMs from 1More. The only thing I will say right now is that they are fucking fantastic. Well, if you can stand in-ear canal headphones that is.

I finally completed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild this past Wednesday. After 145 hours, I totally steamrolled Calamity Ganon, and that’s all I’ll say about that, mostly because spoilers.

As for other podcast ambitions of mine, we’re getting to them. We want to get a handful of episodes of The Ungodly Geeks Podcast done before we start trying to seriously record other stuff. Our schedules are all kind of hectic, so finding times that work for everyone is what we’re focusing on at the moment. So stay tuned. I’ll have news regarding this at a later date, most likely on the Ungodly Geeks site in greater detail than here.

Take it easy folks.