An eventful month!

Sorry for the long wait between posts, folks. I’ve been rather busy this past month!

So the Nintendo Switch released on the 3rd of March, and my pre-order got messed up by Amazon. All of the (admittedly circumstantial) evidence points to the Amazon Logistics employee responsible for delivering it simply marking it as delivered and keeping it for themselves. Huge fucking bummer, since my birthday was the 5th and I was off for the weekend. Cue the plan to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild all weekend being fucking ruined.¬†Thankfully, I got my money back from Amazon, then started a week long quest to buy one from work, which ended in failure due to conflicting policies regarding selling pre-orders and their expiration dates. So I scoured eBay looking for a reasonably priced Switch, and I decided to buy a Switch console on its own and acquire Joy-Cons and a power adapter separately. This means I don’t have a TV dock for it, and that I’m invested into this system about $450 or so, but it’s been worth it. In hindsight, if I had waited one more day, I could have saved myself about $40 or so and would have a dock, but in the end, I’m happy with my purchases and I’ve been enjoying the ever loving fuck out of the new Zelda game.

Seriously. The game fucking fantastic and I can’t put it down to play anything else right now. It’s the open world LoZ game I’ve always wanted ever since I first played Morrowind back in 2006, and then later Skyrim in 2011 and The Witcher 3 in 2015. You can tell it’s borrowed some elements from these games and implements them very well. The minor complaints I have with the game, like getting used to the Nintendo controller layout compared to other systems like the 360 (which isn’t an actual complaint with the game, but since it’s the only one I have, I’ll put it here), or weapon durability, do nothing to mar the overall appeal of the title. If you haven’t played it, but are a fan of any aforementioned game, try it. It’s good. Damned good.

On to other orders of business, we released our first official episode of Three Men and a Baby! It’s our podcast that’s a sort of bro-talk about various topics we’re all either passionate or knowledgeable about. The first episode discusses Mass Effect and why I should play it, because I never have. It was never a series I got into, mostly because I hadn’t even heard of it until 2 released and had no idea what it actually was until 3’s ending DLC had dropped. So go check it out and get us some more downloads. We really appreciate you guys listening to it. Let us know if there’s anything you think we can improve on, either here in the comments section or on the comments section of the blog post with the link.

Thanks for reading guys. I gotta go back to playing Zelda. Later all!