Podcasts Updates!

Hey guys! How is everyone?

So as far as the podcasts are concerned, things are definitely getting closer to being done. I’ve set up hosting with LibSyn for each one at $15 a month, which I think is fair. I decided to go with a dedicated, flat-rate media host over self-hosting for simplicity’s sake. It’s also more cost effective so we don’t have to worry about rising costs as we get more popular, which is easier on me since I’m funding everything for the moment. It’ll also keep me from being forced to put ads on the site or the three of us as a whole to seek out sponsorships to help pay for things, either of which could damage our creative control over the content. Suffice it to say, we would definitely like to be able to create our shows as we dictate, and not as someone else would.

The countdown now begins to release. Luke goes on vacation next week so we should have plenty of time to get a recording session done and ready for release. Keep an eye here for further updates. See ya guys around!