Site Updates

So is where all the podcasts we’ll be producing will be hosted. There are multiple podcasts in various stages of planning that we are going to do, and this post is here to kind of help explain what they are.

  • Three Men and a Baby: General geekery podcast. We’ll bitch about movies, comics, and superheros, and give our takes on how we think things should have been done.
    • This will involve all three of us. Who is “us”? Myself, Luke O’Dell, and Ron Chilton.
    • Release date for first episode is still TBD. We have things we still need to get.
    • This will record on either Thursdays or Fridays and will release Saturdays or Sundays.
  • Pop Culture Catch-Up: Watching old sci-fi shows and animes (and perhaps other things) and then talking about/making fun of them.
    • This will involve Luke and myself.
    • Recording for this one will start very soon. Once started, recording will take place on Mondays and it should release every Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on how lazy I feel like being.
    • We’re starting with the Doctor Who reboot.
  • Joe’s Techcast (title still a WIP): I’ll sit down and talk about technology in general, and explain it in as simple a way as I can.
    • This is a solo podcast, but Luke may sometimes be involved.
    • I want to wait to start this one until the other two are a little more established and we have more of a work pattern down for them.
    • I think it’ll be a biweekly podcast, so I can ensure I have time to devote to the other two.
  • The Word of Joe: A sporadic rant-based podcast where I just bitch about shit in general
    • This one will not be an Ungodly Geeks-related podcast, but will still fly under the banner.
    • It’ll be hosted at my old web address.
    • It’s still a ways off, as I want to get the others started before I go in on this one.
    • It will not have a set release schedule.

Right now, I’m in the process of building the website and getting everything set up for us to easily post new episodes. Until it’s completed, all podcasts will be hosted here, since this site is already established and ready for podcasting. So keep an eye out. We’ll be putting out stuff pretty soon!