A small progress update

Hello peoples!

We’re making progress on the studio. Yesterday, the foam for echo-proofing came in, which we sorely needed, so hooray! At the moment, I’m researching the best way to hang the tiles, since I rent this apartment and therefore cannot just glue them to my wall. I have the idea of gluing the foam to cardboard in quads and then using thumbtacks to hang the cardboard. It’d be far less damaging to the wall in the end, since pin holes can just be painted over.

One of the chairs we need has already arrived, so that’s nice. I think another comes today, as well as some other thing that has been ordered that I’ll find out what is when it arrives (I’m not the one doing the ordering this week). ETA for our first podcast is… soon… ish. We have no definitive date, but we’re definitely drawing closer.

I’ll keep you updated.