The headphones came in…

…and their testing was a complete success! As expected, however, they revealed, in painstaking detail, just how much echo there is in that room. I’ve spent quite a bit of money already for equipment and the like, so for the moment, we’re looking into cheaper soundproofing ideas over buying acoustic foam. Our primary goal is to just reduce the echo to a minimum at the lowest possible cost, just so that it doesn’t sound like we’re recording inside of a tin can. One idea that’s been suggested, and seemingly has been accepted, is to hang up cheap blankets to soften the walls and reduce sound waves bouncing around.

Aside from cost, the other issue with acoustic foam is actually mounting it to the wall. Research points to using things like strong double-sided tape or spray adhesive, but that may not be a possibility for me due to the fact that I merely rent this apartment, and I have to worry about causing damage to things. With that in mind, I can’t be sure that removing the foam, which may eventually have to happen, can be done easily and without major damage. With cheap blankets or comforters, we can hang them with thumbtacks for easy removal and minimal damage. I’ll take a handful of pinholes in the wall, which can be spackled over and repainted more easily than whatever damage could result from removing the foam panels, to either the wall or to the panels themselves, making repurposing or moving the blankets the superior choice.

That being said, I am not ruling out using acoustic foam. I will continue to look into using it, as it is a superior soundproofing material compared to cheap Walmart blankets, and ways to use it with minimal damage to things. Considering I dropped the equivalent of a month’s rent on all the equipment we needed (including a new AC1200 router to replace my slowly-increasingly-unreliable AC750 one), I can’t be placing an order for enough foam paneling for the moment.

We’re getting closer.