Another Black Friday Is Down


That was seriously rough. But for me, another Black Friday at Walmart is done. It’s behind me, and now I can relax and hopefully get some rest. 12 hours was spent there, and that’s very much something I’d like to avoid in the future. People who work more than 8-9 hours regularly, such as nurses or factory workers, you folks have my undying respect. I admit freely that there are times where I can barely make 7 1/2 hours in retail. I couldn’t imagine doing that kind of time in those fields.

On other topics, we now have less than a week until I place the order for all the recording equipment. I still need to make Luke buy the furniture, but we still have plenty of time, so it’s not super high priority. If I can keep myself on track and focused, I’ll be getting with him next week to decide on what we want.

In the meantime, my metal head readers (if I have any readers 😀 ) should check out Semblant. They’re from Brazil and bill themselves as a “vampiric metal” band, but they are so much more in my opinion. I, quite frankly, think they’re fan-fucking-tastic. I’ve embedded the video that got me into them below. I really do recommend them, but you can decide for yourselves, of course.