Baby steps!

Hey all!

So we’re taking baby steps with our podcasting efforts. My second room is cleaned out and ready to be converted into a studio. The next thing we’re getting is some furniture and the recording equipment. Finer details are being worked out in regards to the furniture, but I think I have a solid base to build off of with the recording stuff. When it gets set up, we’ll have enough recording room for four people, though at first we’ll only be set up for three. I’ve spent hours upon hours researching equipment: reading professional and Amazon reviews, top ten lists, tech sheets, and whatever other product documentation I could find, and I feel pretty confident in what I’ve chosen. Orders for equipment will go out in less than two weeks. Once they arrive, the actual work begins as we work on getting everything together and functional, running several tests to make sure we’re satisfied with the quality. I also want to make sure all the equipment will play nice, especially the mixer and my PC.

Speaking of which, I’ve chosen, for the moment at least, to use an old laptop of mine running Windows 8.1 as the recording machine. I’m still deciding on what to use to record; Audacity is winning currently, as we don’t need many features (also, we don’t wanna spend more than we’re already planning on investing for now). We just need something that can record at a good quality with an easy-to-use interface, or at least in my case, a familiar one. I’m open to ideas for other pieces of software of course, and if you have one, don’t hesitate to contact me on the various social media platforms listed on this site.

At any rate, we’re moving forward with this project. We’re not looking to make money off of it necessarily, but we’re not opposed to it. It’s definitely a hobby for us, but it’s one we’re passionate about, and we’d like to share it with the world, or at least with as many people as possible. Thanks for following along with us!