Alright, so the maintenance period is over. I’ve decided to release the site after 14 grueling days of doing nothing. Isn’t it exciting? I know… Not really.

On this site, I opted for a more muted and clean experience compared to The Word Of Joe. Simpler color choices and a minimalist design was on my mind with this site, and I think I nailed it. A clean, near-black background (which was inspired by the plugin I use for maintenance, interestingly enough1) with white text and a touch of red highlights works well, and with almost no images to load, it should be super-bandwidth friendly. Also, for the moment, this site will use the same favicon as TWOJ. I’ll be rectifying that eventually.

Like TWOJ, there are no ads on this site whatsoever. If you use an adblocker and have noticed numbers popping up on TWOJ, that’s the Google Analytics code being blocked, not ads. I despise ads, so I don’t use them. If I should ever puts ads on this site, it’ll be only to help support the cost of running it (which is super cheap at the moment), and I’ll never use malicious ads. I’ll also never use animated ads of any kind, especially ones that produce noise. All that shit eats up bandwidth and for mobile users who may be on limited data plans (like myself), the last thing I want is to make visiting my web site cost you more money than it should. So for the moment, no ads, and should the cost of this site get too great, I’ll add some small static ads to help support it.

So onto to other updates.

I’m in the stage of figuring how to move TWOJ over to a subdomain of this site without breaking it too much. I want to make it into my podcast site, hosting the podcast aptly titled after it. Moving the content and reworking everything without breaking it is the biggest focus, and I fear I may not be skilled enough to do it. If that ends up being the case, I may simply permanently archive the site and take it down, and then slowly move the blog posts over to this site.

As for my RP character, Zul will get his own site under the subdomain (it obviously isn’t live yet). It’ll use a similar layout to this one, but instead will use a theme similar to TWOJ, since that site uses a theme that was designed with Zul’s entire existence in mind (the background and favicon use the Dragon tongue). I thought about doing a wiki-type site, but to be perfectly honest, that’s a lot more work to do than I care to do, and because my motivation to do things that aren’t work or stuff I honestly find fun is always at a low-point, I don’t want to have too much on my plate.

I also want to try to get at least one post a week out on some random topic. Maybe it’ll be a review or a rant, but it’ll be something. I’m not making any promises, because I’m terrible at posting stuff (as seen over on TWOJ with some of the gaps between posts), but I’ll do what I can to keep producing content, especially in regards to the podcast. Speaking of which, the podcast will probably not be ready for some time. I’m now living in a two-bedroom apartment by myself, so I’ve started working on converting the second bedroom into a recording studio of sorts. It’s a small bedroom though, so the acoustics may not be good enough, but I’ll find out later on. Getting it cleaned (which is like 90% done), some furniture, and equipment is the priority right now. It won’t be just me doing the podcast either. My buddy Luke will be on it as a co-host, and other friends may also contribute. Topics will vary pretty widely, but will likely focus on comics, science, video games, technology, news, and just plain making fun of stuff. There’s no realistic time line for getting it up and running, but as I know more, I’ll keep you guys updated.

Thanks for reading this far. There is no tl;dr, so if you looked for it. well… Go fuck yourself. 😉


1: I know, this actually isn’t interesting. But I can do what I want.